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Expertify® Programme – Frequently Asked Questions

The Expertify® Programme was created with the busy and ambitious business owner in mind. Allowing you to get the most value possible from a short time of just 8 days in 12 months out of your business.

The Expertify® Programme begins with an Initial Expertify Workshop Day whereby you come to our Midlands based location and you meet our team and the other members of the your supergroup. Throughout the 12 months you’ll be working alongside 4 other like-minded business owners from other sectors all aiming towards becoming the best known authority in their sector.

In the initial workshop we’ll cover everything you need to know about the Expertify® Programme to allow you to get the most from your time with us throughout the year. This includes:

  • Getting to know each supergroup member in your group so we can best help each other and understand everyone’s audiences & goals for the year.
  • Useful scripting guidance to help you script your videos in the best way possible.
  • Speaking to camera training to help make you confident & authentic on camera.
  • Teleprompter training so you fully understand how it works & you know how to read from the teleprompter confidently.
  • Q&A time to help to clear up any further queries or concerns you may have.

On the second half of the day we’ll have our first Content Generator Session with each member. In these sessions we’ll delve into discussing questions/content outlines for each member. In this discussion we’ll help you to come up with ideas and talking points for your first 8 videos. These sessions will be recorded & transcribed so combining these with your notes from the day you should have some great material to work from to fill out your scripts.

Once the initial session finishes you’ll then be required to work on your scripts back at the office using your notes, audio recording & transcriptions to guide you. We’ll arm you with other tools to help you too. 4 weeks later you’ll have your 2nd Expertify® Session. This is where the fun really begins & you get in front of the camera for the first time in the Programme! We’ll need your completed final scripts by this point.

You’ll be allocated a 2 hours to film as many as 8x piece to camera videos with the help of our professional camera operator & director who’ll help make you look the best you possibly can on camera.

You’ll then have your next Content Generator Session around the table with your supergroup members where we’ll come up with the next 8 videos to begin work on. Again, you’ll receive the audio recording and transcription to help you put the scripts together for your next set of videos that will be filmed in 8 weeks times.

In the meantime our team will begin working on editing & putting together the first 8 videos you’ve filmed. They’ll take care to brand the video with your company colours, fonts & logos, edit out any mistakes & then supply you with various versions for your online profile building. The editing process we estimate will take up to 4 weeks for all 8 of your videos from this session.

You’ll also receive the video amplifier pack so you are guided with with best way to distribute & get the most relevant people to watch your videos online.

This process then continues until you have 7 sets of up to 8 videos. (Up to 56 videos) You’ll end the programme with 56 videos that are helping you to be visible, credible & trusted in your space.


The Expertify® Programme is run by the Business Video Experts, an award winning video production team that’s focused on marketing & getting powerful results for clients. Co-founders Mat Butler & Adam Cliff both hail from the Broadcast TV world working on shows like ‘This Morning’, ‘The Graham Norton Show’, ‘QI’ and many more but in more recent years have produced over 1200 videos for a variety of UK businesses.

Business Video Experts exists to help UK based businesses raise their status, to become the most trusted and credible authorities in their sector using video.


  • Up to 56 videos (each up to 3 mins long) filmed & edited


      • 8x dates at our studio in the Midlands
      • 1st session = Scripting workshop, Performance workshop,
      • Sessions 2- 8 = 2hr Filming slots combined with group content-generator sessions (a full hour with 4 other switched on business owners helping to identify the best content for your target audience)
      • Overflow dates (held quarterly), in case of emergencies (1st time free, then £350+VAT per 2 hr session – we want people to stick to their groups as much as possible though please)
  • Presenter Training (an in-person workshop and access to special online content + written material)
  • ‘Scripting for Video’ Guide – Writing articles and blogs is very different to writing scripts for videos. We show you the simple tweaks you can make to make sure your videos come across ‘more human and less robotic’ on camera.
  • Award-Winning (& broadcast experienced) Video Production Team creating each video. You’ll have a video director helping you through the shoot.
  • Transcriptions of your Content Generator session
  • Branded intro/outro sequences + branded name tag graphics for use in your videos.
  • ‘Call To Action’ graphics
  • Private Facebook Page for each ‘Supergroup’
  • Sector exclusivity – No one else on the Programme during the 12 months will be in your sector so you won’t be competing with anyone inside the Programme.
  • Subtitled versions of your videos
  • Video Amplifier Kit:
  • Video SEO Guide & template (for YouTube descriptions, tagging, etc…)
  • Video Analytics Maximiser Checklist – Helps you understand the metrics within your video hosting setup, as well as giving you expert practical advice about what you could do to make your videos get even better results
  • Exclusive discounts on other video production services
The purpose of the videos we help you create through the Expertify® Programme are designed to help you raise your profile in your sector. To make you more visible, more trusted and more credible to your audience. With that in mind we recommend you use your videos in a number of ways.


  • 1. To build up your knowledge library on your website. Over time if you create a useful archive of helpful content on your website this becomes a fantastic resource for several reasons. It acts as great content for google & other search engines to index your website in their searches, and with lots of content centred around your sector & topic you’ll be found easier & more often online, by people who want what you sell. It also acts as a great tool for your prospects and customers to become educated and informed on the best solution for their needs. Once the knowledge centre is built it becomes a fantastic asset in your business for years to come.


  • 2. Keeping your customers engaged. It’s often a struggle to keep coming up with new content to keep your clients engaged and connected with your business. With the Expertify Programme you end up with up to 56 well thought through videos. This essentially gives you a year’s worth of weekly video content to send to your customers through email marketing and allows you to stay top of mind and hugely visible.
  • 3. To become omnipresent on social platforms. Through the Expertify® Programme you’ll get given different versions of each of your videos that are optimised for various platforms. YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin & more. This will allow you & your business to become seen more often and by your potential audience. Over time you’ll become unignorable and known for giving great value on your subject.

4. To educate prospects after they enquire. It may be that prospects want to have a one to one with someone from your team. Those one to ones are often more useful and worthwhile if the potential buyer is educated prior to the appointment. Using your videos to educate them prior to a consultation is helpful for yourself and the buyer too.

The Expertify® Programme is ideal for businesses that are already established and have a proven offering but want to dramatically raise their profile & status in their sector. Often the service or product is something that requires the buyer to have a high level of trust in the provider before they’ll part with their cash. This might be because the investment is considerable for the buyer or there is a lot riding on it.


Here’s a small selection of some of the services that would make good fit for the Expertify® Programme:


Child-care Nursery

Car Garage


Estate Agent

Web Design Company

Luxury Travel Agent


IT Support

People Tracing

Business Coach

Marketing Agency

PR Agency


Printing Company

Mortgage Broker

Insurance Broker

Audio Visual Company

Building Company

Cleaning Company

Event Planning

  • Many more


The Expertify Programme is also suitable for:


  • Business owners that understand getting in front of a camera might be ‘scarey’ but the plus sides FAR outweigh any uncomfortable feeling.


  • Business owners that are fully present (body & mind) at the Expertify group sessions willing to contribute, get creative and give ideas freely for others in the room.


  • Businesses with great services that could be helping more people if only they were more visible & trusted in their market.


  • Business owners that understand they are the expert at what they do and will need to dedicate time in between sessions to writing their own scripts with the guidance of your supergroup, transcriptions & notes.


  • Business owners that will keep what is said in confidence within the group to themselves and not gossip to those outside the group about confidential matters.


  • Business owners that want a more extraordinary life. A life where they push their comfort zone and raise the bar to benefit themselves, their family & the people around them.


  • Business owners that understand this is an investment in 56 videos that helps position them really well and that can be used for many years to come in their business. The investment is poultry in comparison to the value they’ll receive.


  • Business owners that have the funds and the investment won’t cripple their business. We’re here to help you and raise you up and the last thing we want to do is cause you financial worry or struggle. If your business is turning over £250,000+ then you’re probably a great fit.
The Expertify® Programme is NOT for:


  • Business owners that can’t stay committed for 12 months. 12 months that will shift their business into a whole new league.


  • Business owners that feel unable to step out of their comfort zone to get in front of camera even though they know video will help them, their businesses and their lives dramatically.


  • Business owners that are only in it for themselves and not willing to contribute and help others in their group.


  • Business owners that are more worried about the sandwiches that are provided at lunch than the big thinking of the programme as a whole. (Although we will provide catering for you.)


  • Business owners that see the upfront costs as a massive hinderance and could damage their business if they took part.


  • Business owners that gossip behind our backs when they feel something isn’t quite right with the programme. This is a new venture for us but we are grownups and happy to take on constructive feedback wherever possible but prefer it to come from you rather than Chinese Whispers. We’re on your side all the way and truly want the best for you! We genuinely want to change lives.
The Programme runs for 12 months allowing you to have a video to release each week for a year. You’ll come to our studio 8 times over the year to work with us and get your videos made 8 at a time. (The first session is purely training & content building.)


Once you have successfully applied and signed up to the programme, you have 30 days after initial acceptance to opt out. After this point you are committed to the full programme and the remaining payments.

The Expertify® Programme will run in 4 groups – each having 5 businesses. The designated dates are as follows:

January 201822nd24th25th29th
November26th28th30th ___
December ___ ___ ___3rd
January 201921st23rd25th28th
Running the Expertify® Programme in groups of 5 businesses means that we can help more people at a more affordable cost. The way the Programme is run allows us to leverage our own time in order to make it more affordable for you but still giving you a quality professional service. We’ve set the price at a level that anyone who is serious about their business can afford, especially with the option of spreading the payments over 12 months.
We’ll be running private Facebook groups for you and your fellow Supergroup members where you can help each other out, plus we’ll be popping into all the groups to answer your questions too.

As well as your Scripting for Video Guide, you also have the opportunity to upgrade your package to include Script Critiques to offer you guidance from one of our scripting experts.

The service and end product that members receive from us, is hugely important. We want to change the lives of those running their own businesses dramatically by making them hugely visible in their sector. We know if we do the right thing by our Expertify® members they’ll tell their friends in business about the Programme in the future.

With that in mind we want to dedicate our time to fewer businesses so we can offer those 20 businesses the best service possible. We don’t want to rush members through like a factory production line (we’ve been on the receiving end of that and it sucks!) but instead take care of each member and our current capacity means 20 spaces is all we can commit to at this moment in time.

As this is the initial launch of the Expertify® Programme you are able to receive a huge discount as a pioneering member. The standard rate in the future will be £999+vat but the initial wave of 20 members will be able to get on the Programme for just £599+vat per month which is a huge discount over the course of 12 months.

Also as an Expertify Member you’ll get discounts of up to 20% off our other video production services including Trustimonial® videos, Case Study Videos, Speaker Promo videos, About us videos, Animations & much more.

The Expertify® sessions are spread out over the year to make creation of content manageable for those involved. You’ll have 8 expertify sessions throughout the year. The first session will be held towards the end of January 2018 (This session is purely training on various aspects that will help you through the Programme.) The 2nd Expertify® session will then follow just 4 weeks after this to give you enough time to create your scripts & get filming as soon as possible. Thereafter, the remaining 6 Expertify® sessions will be 8 weeks apart.
Your filming session will take place on each Expertify® Day and you’ll have 2 hours dedicated to your filming. This should give you plenty of time to get up to 8x 1-3 minute videos recorded. On average it means you have 15 minutes to complete each piece to camera if you were looking to film 8 videos within each filming session.
At this time the Expertify® Programme is exclusive to UK based businesses. However, those willing to make the journey from a far to travel to the Expertify® sessions will also be considered through the application process.
Although we make it clear that you prioritise your Expertify® sessions for the benefit of your own business & your other group members, we do understand that there are some occasions throughout the year that will be difficult to reschedule or miss which will mean you being unable to attend certain filming sessions. This could be family weddings, funerals, holidays or other really important engagements.


With this is mind, we’ve decided to host Quarterly Overflow Filming Days during the year to allow you to catch up on filming if you couldn’t make your usual group sessions. The attendance for the first time you need to use an overflow day will be free of charge as part of the Programme, however using further overflow days will require a £350+vat (subject to availability) payment for additional each day you use.

When you opt into the Expertify® Programme you are committing to moving your business to the next level, to become more visible and trusted in your sector. If you decide the programme is not a good fit for your business you have 30 days from your initial application acceptance to let us know so you can leave the Programme with a full refund and cancellation of all costs due.


However, any time after the 30 days from your initial payment you’re committing to a full 12 months. After this time you will have agreed to pay the full amount of charges remaining even if you decide not to take up any more filming time with us.

No-one knows your business sector better than you do, but If you need help with your scripting during the Programme you will have the option to have one of our script writers look over your scripts and give suggested changes. This is an upgrade option to include Script Critiques within the Programme. You can purchase a bundle of 8 critiques, or for the full 12 months of videos at a discounted rate.
The Expertify® Programme is an exclusive Programme that we’re currently only looking for 20 businesses to be part. That means you can’t just hand us a cheque to be part of the Programme. We will to be very selective with who we choose to be part of the Programme so we can make the biggest impact for those who we feel we’ll be able to help the most in the 12 months.


Also the application process allows us to be clear on the exclusivity of sectors involved in the Programme so we’re clear you’re not competing with anyone else in your industry.

The group content sessions will be a way for you to get ideas of what to uncover, demonstrate or discuss in your videos. Your other supergroup members will give you an outsider’s perspective on what they might want to know about your area of expertise if they were in your customer’s shoes.


The Expertify® Programme will attract smart businesses and business owners so know there will be a wealth of valuable discussion had within these sessions. Not only that but the content generator sessions will be recorded on an audio recorder and soon after transcribed so you will have a written version of the conversation. This means you’ll have the discussion that you can then use to create the content for you videos scripts or repurpose the content into written content like blogs, articles and more.


Lastly you’ll be building the foundations for the close knit group support that can help you with various questions & advice through the 12 months as well. A group that becomes a solid unit, not only helping each other with videos but other areas of business as well.

Established businesses will have much more clarity of direction in their businesses. Also they are more likely to have a proven service that already gets great results for their clients and just needs to be amplified by the visibility the Programme will provide. The video content will also be much more likely to be a long-term asset in the business.
Yes, you can still apply and we will take this into consideration. If you think you will miss the initial Expertify® Training Day, then I would advise not to apply.


If you think you may miss one of the 7 filming and group sessions, you are still able to take part in one of our Overflow Filming Days.


*Warning*: This is only available on a ‘first come, first served’ basis and only one of these sessions is available to you free as part of the programme.


If you attend more than one overflow date, there will be an additional fee of £350+vat (payment due before the session takes place)