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Businesses looking to produce more than 4 videos a year will see huge savings by becoming a Premier Video Client

What’s a Premier Video Client?

If you’re a business looking to produce high quality video content consistently and at an affordable price then you’re in the right place.

When you become a Premier Video Clientyou get our video team “on tap”.

A team that really gets to know your business, producesstrategic & effective video content for you regularly over the long term.

Why you’ll love Premier Video Clients

Regular Video Content

We take care of the hard work and create video productions consistently and regularly for your business to help you stand out from the crowd in your market.

Spread the cost

You’ll be able to spread the cost of your videos with easy monthly payments. Plus the videos will not only pay for themselves but will give you an amazing return on investment.

Cost Savings

You could save literally THOUSANDS of ££££ compared to regular production prices

Optimise your visibility

You’ll enjoy an uplift in search engine rankings and be seen by your audience regularly, helping you build undeniable authority in your space.

Build library of business assets

You’ll be able to reuse the videos we create over & over to benefit your business for years to come, making your videos & business more valuable.

Communicate your personality

People by from people. When you show your personality and communicate with your audience regularly you’ll see your business sky rocket into another level.

Top class quality production

Your videos will make your business look amazing. Each video professionally produced by our award winning video production team.

No hidden costs

You won’t need to pay any hidden extras for things such as mileage, accommodation, or food expenses (although will eat cake if offered). It’s all included in the monthly costs.

I’m listening….

Premier Video Clients is run by a video production team that truly gives a $**t. We often bend over backwards to help our clients because it’s the right thing to do as far as we’re concerned..

Whether you want a suite of FAQ videos, training videos, product demonstrations to share on social media, one-off coverage of a conference, presentation or event, your own footage edited, case study videos or a homepage video for your website, we can help.

With three packages to suit all kinds of business – and affordable monthly payments to spread the cost – there’s an option that’s right for you. And the more you commit to, the more bang you’ll get for your buck.

Sounds great! How does it work?

It’s super easy!

1.Pick the package that best suits your needs and budget.

2.All packages include an initial half day strategy session to establish what you want video to achieve for your business. Once we’ve chatted to you about your goals, you can dip into your time whenever you need it.

3.Get set to wow your target audience with clarity, creativity and impact.

4.Pay a set monthly amount to spread the cost of a year’s worth of video production time.

“I’m sold!…What do I get as a Premier Video Client? “

Award-winning video team dedicated to your growth

With just 10 Premier Video Clients you’ll be one of a select group of clients that become our main focus & priority. Our award winning team will be by your side to help you get high quality & a good quantity of videos made to help your business truly grow.

Production credits

To enable your business to become an awesome video content making machine you’ll get credits to use across the year on our production services. You’ll use these credits by picking from a menu of helpful offerings from our team whenever you need them in those 12 months. You get to choose from a variety of powerful video productions, editing of your own raw footage or even hands-on video training.

Half day strategy session

We know that the better we know someone, the better the quality of advice we can give them. Context and understanding is important. That’s why we’ll schedule a half-day session when you become a Premier Video Client. We’ll arrange to meet with you and spend 4 solid hours understanding you and your business. We’ll dive under the hood and find out what’s important and what isn’t, and that’ll make sure our partnership gets kicked off on the right foot.

Monthly Review

Whether you want to facetime, skype, zoom, hangout or just talk on the phone, you can schedule 1:1’s with us whenever you like to fully support you & your team. We can discuss whatever you want from overcoming tech issues that are slowing you down, new video ideas, planning shoots, improving the performance of ongoing campaigns or even your strategy going forward.

Video Action Plan

After spending a half day with you we’ll draw up a plan of attack based on what’s important to you & send you a copy. A 12 month plan that will help us create the most useful & worthwhile videos for your business. It will set out our objectives & help make your time with us the most worthwhile marketing spend you make in the year ahead.

Anytime support

Scheduled stuff is great, but sometimes something comes up and you want to talk NOW. That’s fine. You’ll have our personal mobile numbers. Want to talk? Just call us. If we can’t answer we’ll call you back as soon as we can. Whether you’ve got a specific technical issue or you just want to bounce some ideas around, these ‘Anytime Calls’ mean you’ve got a couple of world-class video experts on your team when you need them most.

Premier Video Client packages

Bronze package


Per Month
  • 118 credits
  • Save over
  • 12 Months

Silver package


Per Month
  • 211 credits
  • Save over £2,110
  • 12 Months

Golden package


Per Month
  • 314 credits
  • Save over £3,925
  • 12 Months

Platinum package


Per Month
  • 440 credits
  • Save over £6,600
  • 12 Months

All prices quoted exclude VAT.

What do the credits equate to?

When you begin with us as a Premier Video Client you’ll be allocated a set number of credits depending on the package you choose. These credits allow you a reduced cost from our standard pricing. See some examples below of the savings you’ll make.

Example 1 – Trustimonial™

This production would
equate to 35 credits

Bronze – Save £450 per production
Silver – Save £810 per production
Gold – Save £900 per production

Give us 12 months and we’ll create tonnes of amazing video content for your business

We’re serious about delivering great videos that get resultsfor the people who want to work with us, and experience tells us that the most valuable productions come when we really understand the businesses and business owners we’re working with.

So we’ve settled on 10. That’s all. Given that the group is so intimate, the investment you’ll need to make might surprise you.

The fact is though, that we’re only interested in working with businesses where we can deliver significant value, not just with anyone who’s prepared to write a big cheque.

When we set ourselves a hard limit of just 10 clients, we realised that we’d need to be extremely careful who we let in.

We care deeply about who we work with, that’s why we’re carefully selecting who we invite to take up this opportunity.

Why you should stick with us

  • Connector.

    1. Team of Award Winning Production Specialist:

    Hailing from the broadcast TV world working on primetime shows to winning awards in business filming. We know what we’re doing!

  • Connector.

    2. Unlimited Editing Amendments:

    You’ll get as many changes to your video as needed before sign off so you know you’ll get your video exactly as you want it.

  • Connector.

    3. We're Marketers, Not just filmmakers:

    We pay close attention to not only what makes you look good, but Marketing & what actually works to help you attract more business.

  • Connector.

    4. We're Safe:

    As soon as filming is finished we back up your raw footage. Then we back up the back up. Then another back up is made in the cloud! So you know you’ll never lose your footage and never have to re-film.

Fast Mover Bonus #1 – [SAVE £1600+vat]

A free half-day (up to 4 hours) of filming with a professional camera operator

With TWO of the UK’s sharpest video producers on the Business Video Experts team, we’re well placed to produce the best footage you’ve ever had for your business.

If you just wanted us to film for half a day at your location, you’d be looking at a minimum investment of £1600+vat.
For every business who commits to becoming a Premier Video Client before 4pm, Friday 24th January, we’ll personally come and film with you.

Fast Mover Bonus #2 – [SAVE £??]

If you’re decisive then you can become a Premier Video Client at a really special price.
This proposition is a steal at the package prices, but it’s daylight robbery with a further 10% discount, yet that’s exactly what we’re going to offer you a slot for if you come on board before 4pm on Friday 5th May.
Even at this dramatically discounted rate, you’ll still get the complete package…

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