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Trustimonial® Video

The ultimate business video production for service businesses or anyone selling anything where trust is essential.

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What’s a Trustimonial®?

A Trustimonial® is a high quality video that helps you build trust quickly through the power of authentic customer testimonials, combined with a clear focus on why people should buy from you.

As you already know, what your customers say about your service is far more persuasive than what you could say yourself. And with attention spans shortening, the fast pace and ‘watchability’ of a Trustimonial® is the perfect fit.

Our Trustimonial® Videos have produced incredible returns on investment for people like you. So much so we’ve won national awards for them.

In short, our unique Trustimonial® is proven to sell like crazy!

Here’s an example of a Trustimonial®

The results of the video were tremendous. We showed it once at our conference and made over £300,000 in sales as a direct result. It has since generated over £2 million in 3 years.

Nigel BotterillThe Entrepreneurs Circle

Why our clients love our unique Trustimonial® videos

Long Term Business Asset

Made once, then working to get leads for your business 24/7.

One Time Investment

Our clients soon realise that this one time investment becomes a solid business asset that they can utilise over & over to win more business.

No Need to be on Camera

Perfect for the camera shy business owner who doesn't like to be on camera but does want more sales.

and Relax...

Let your customers do the selling so you don't have to even think about going in front of camera if you don't want to.

Amazing Results!

We've heard of clients getting a 8471% Return on Investment from their Trustimonial® within weeks.

Consistent Results

Time after time our clients tell us of the incredible results they achieve by using their Trustimonial® within marketing campaigns.

You'll Look Brilliant

Clients love how the video is fully branded. The fonts, colours & feel of their business all wrapped up in a stunning video.

High Production Quality

Clients know that the production quality positions their service way above their competition.

Here’s some example Trustimonial® videos

Trustimonial® to sell the benefits of the EweMove franchise opportunity, “increasing conversions by 107% virtually overnight.”

Lawbite used their Trustimonial® video to skyrocket sign-ups for their online contract & legal support offering through their website.

Nkd waxing salon used a unique Trustimonial® to encourage professional beauticians to attend their hot waxing courses.

Conference Collective positioned their business as the only option for Association & event management services using their Trustimonial®.

Entrepreneurs Circle used a Trustimonial® video to promote their premium service and made £300,000 worth of sales as a result.

Dizzy Ducks Nursery had 5 Trustimonial® videos to promote their nursery branches. Resulting in £25,000 worth of sales in the first week alone.

“What can I use it for?”

A Trustimonial® is one of the most versatile pieces of content that you could have. You can use it for…

  • Your website
  • A Landing Page
  • Exhibitions
  • Sending video cards to your dream clients
  • Facebook Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • As part of an email campaign
  • and many more…

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Why should you work with

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    1. Team of award-winning production specialists:

    Hailing from the broadcast TV world working on primetime shows, to winning awards for the Return on Investment we have made for our business clients. You’ll be in safe hands!

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    2. We're marketers, not just filmmakers:

    You’ll be getting a rare breed of production company. We pay close attention to not only what makes you look good, but the marketing side too, and what actually works to get more customers.

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    3. Unlimited Editing Amendment Guarantee:

    You’ll get as many changes to your video as needed before sign off so you know you’ll get your video exactly as you want it.

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    4. Peace of mind:

    As soon as filming is finished we back up your raw footage. Then we back up the back up. Then another back up is made in the cloud, so you’re safe in the knowledge that you’ll never lose your footage and have to re-shoot.