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Are you frustrated that you’re not getting as many enquiries as you would like?

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Do your existing customers love and see value in what you do, but you still find it a chore to get new customers through the door?

Of those enquiries, do you find it hard work to try and convert those enquiries into actual sales?

Your struggles could be due to a lack of trust in your business, especially if it’s the first time someone has become aware of you. Unfortunately, this lack of trust means that you’re likely missing out on a lot of sales and missed opportunities.

But, what if there was a way you could fast track the trust factor in those first time visitors, ramp up the amount of enquiries, and reduce the amount of ‘selling’ you have to do to convert those enquiries into customers, all in one go?  

Well, a Trustimonial® Video could be the answer for your business.

Sian Nisbett shares the results of Dizzy Ducks Trustimonial® videos.

“What is a Trustimonial® video?”

A Trustimonial® is the ultimate sales video for a service business or anyone selling a high-ticket product or service. It is already proven to massively increase trust and sales conversion in businesses throughout the UK.

With online attention spans being so short these days, you need to get your message across as quickly as possible. The Trustimonial® is a combination of an Explainer, Testimonial, Case Study, and FAQ video, all rolled into one. And as our national awards show, it really does work!

It’s a powerful video that broadcasts your customers sharing their experiences, exactly why they bought from you, and debunks any major buying objections the viewer might have.

“The results have been phenomenal. We made £25,000 within the first week” – Sian Millar, Dizzy Ducks Nursery, Essex

“Is a Trustimonial® for me?”

A Trustimonial is the perfect marketing asset for service-based businesses and those selling high-ticket products or services.


“How is it made?”

Each Trustimonial® is produced using a truly unique production formula developed since 2011 by a highly skilled team of specialists, experienced in crafting top performing business video content and primetime broadcast television. This formula really is our “secret sauce”.

You won’t even need to be in the video yourself.  I mean, let’s face it, what your customers say about you is far more persuasive than anything you could ever say yourself. You’ll be effectively broadcasting your business message through the mouths of the people your viewer will relate to and trust more; people that have been in the same position as your viewers are going through right now.

Your customers do the selling for you!


“How will it help my business?”

A Trustimonial® will help to break down any trust barriers your viewers may have by combining the power of positioning and social proof – both of which are ranked highly by Robert Cialdini in his book, Influence.

The blunt truth is that honest reviews matter more than ever. People have stopped believing the brochures alone.

However, it’s all too easy for businesses to write their own glowing reviews in text, & buyers know this too. With video it’s a lot harder to fake. Our production approach encourages a natural response from your customers (no scripted answers here – people notice, and not in a good way!) whilst covering what you might typically want to say in your sales video. Win-win!

Benefits in a nutshell…

Long Term Business Asset

A Trustimonial® video can be used to build trust and more enquiries/sales into your business 24/7.

One Time Investment

A Trustimonial® becomes a solid business asset that you can use over & over, in a variety of different ways.

Amazing Results!

We've heard of clients getting a 15300% Return on Investment from their Trustimonial® within weeks.

Consistent Results

Time after time our clients tell us of the incredible results they achieve by using their Trustimonial® within marketing campaigns.

Create a feel good factor

Ensure you're making the best first impression to potential customers in just a few minutes.

High Quality Production

Clients know that the production quality positions their service way above their competition.

Customers sell for you

I mean, let’s face it, what your customers say about you is far more persuasive than anything you could ever say yourself.

and Relax...

Let your customers do the selling so you don't have to even think about going in front of camera, if you don't want to.

Take a look at some Trustimonal® examples

Ads Reality – A Trustimonial® video was used to show people the benefits and practical uses of augmented reality to businesses.
Fairytales Nursery – Best Business Video Winner at the National Entrepreneur Awards because of the great return on investment it achieved for the nursery.
(nkd) Waxing – A Trustimonial® that showcases a specialist waxing training course.
Melt Design – A Trustimonial® video was created to show how this web design company’s unique qualities really stand out from the rest.
Lawbite – A legal firm disrupting the industry wanted the ultimate way to get their message across. They chose a Trustimonial®.
Sandhills – the sun was shining for this nursery, as they decided to show parents exactly what to expect, in the best possible way.

How Fairytales Nursery used a Trustimonial® to win big!

Fairytales is a family-run nursery based in Great Barr, and were looking to dramatically improve the number of show rounds they had every month.

Through a combination of a powerful Trustimonial® video & driving traffic towards their nursery website using Facebook ads they’ve really grown their nursery.

Check out the results below:

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    Uplift in website dwell time

    On average, website visitors went from staying for 94 seconds up to over 8 minutes after their Trustimonial® was introduced. This was key to getting visitors to get in touch.

  • Connector.

    Massive increase in show rounds

    Fairytales went from 4 show rounds per week to 10, which has made a massive difference to their business.

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    36 new sign ups within 7 weeks

    Fairytales attributed £180,000 in sales to parents viewing the video on their site.

The owner Nick Williams describes what a difference the Trustimonial® video made to the nursery.

Exclusive FREE bonuses with every Trustimonial®

“How to persuade customers to be in your Trustimonial video” + email template

Video Distribution Checklist

Video SEO Guide (including templates)

Sending Video in Email

Video Metrics Guide (+ practical tips)

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Why work with the

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    1. Team of Award Winning Production Specialist:

    Hailing from the broadcast TV world working on primetime shows to winning awards in business filming. We know what we’re doing!

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    2. We're Marketers, Not just Artists:

    We pay close attention to not only what makes you look good, but Marketing & what actually works to help you attract more business.

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    3. We're Safe:

    As soon as filming is finished we back up your raw footage. Then we back up the back up. Then another back up is made in the cloud! So you know you’ll never lose your footage and never have to re-film.

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    4. Unlimited Editing Amendments:

    You’ll get as many changes to your video as needed before sign off so you know you’ll get your video exactly as you want it.