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Entertaining 2D Animation Video Production


Looking for an Animation video?

If you’re looking to explain a complex (or even simple) idea in a really hilarious way then you’re in the right place. What sets our animation video production apart?

Behind each one of our animations is a comedy scripting genius.

The more adventurous of our video production services, our animation videos are funny, creative and built to educate and encourage viewers to take action.  Viewers will want to watch over and over so they can laugh their socks off some more.

Absolutely bowled over by the work of Mat and his team. They did a superb job, gave me loads of advice and treated me like their best customer ever… If I don’t win an Oscar for this, then I’ll eat my hat!

Alec SharplesFineline Print & WebRuthin, North Wales

The Secret Ingredients

The key to a great animation video starts with scripting. You need to emotionally connect with your viewer, so if you can make your viewer spoil their undies with humour then you’ve won half the battle and will keep them coming back for more. Our scriptwriter is naturally a comedy genius. In everyday conversation he can make you belly laugh with his quick wit and surreal anecdotes. Couple that with his prodigal copywriting skills and you have yourself a winning script.
A great script combined with world class animation video production is the real clincher. Our animators are super skilled and bring the script to life using bespoke 2D characters and scenes. You won’t find these characters on any drag & drop templated animation website. They are unique to your video, brand and company.
So, if you’re looking for a well produced animated video that will not only make your prospects watch until the end, but will have them rolling on the floor in fits of giggles, then you need an animation from the Business Video Experts.

Here’s some examples of our work:

The Process

3 Simple Steps to Your New Video


The step that makes your video hilarious

Our script writer will work with you to understand your service offering and the audience you’re looking to attract.

Then the real magic begins. We’ll draw up a script and shot list that’s just the right side of crazy to stop your viewers in their tracks and make them listen.

You’ll get unlimited revisions at this point to make sure you’re 100% happy for us to get working on the animation production.


Narration or Characters Voices

Telling the story through a professional voiceover narration will help to carry your viewers through the video from start to finish.

You’ll get a select number of voiceover samples to listen to and choose from. Once you’ve made your choice we’ll work directly with the voiceover artist to record the voiceover that will help us with timing the animation in the next stage.


2D Character animation, sound and special FX

Our animator will get to work designing your characters and the general feel to your video.

This includes character styles, background scene setting and other props your character will use throughout the video.

Once initial character designs are approved we’ll get your video created scene by scene. This process takes time as it’s created completely bespoke to you.

Why should you work with

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    1. Small team of national award-winning production specialists:

    Hailing from the broadcast TV world working on primetime shows to winning awards in business filming. You’re in safe hands.

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    2. We're marketers, not just creatives:

    We pay close attention to not only what makes you look good, but marketing & what actually works to help you attract more business.

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    3. Satisfaction guaranteed:

    As long as it is in line with your chosen package elements, you get unlimited script & video editing amendments until you are fully satisfied to sign off that stage of production.

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    4. No hidden extras

    You’ll have peace of mind that you’ll receive no unexpected surprises on your final invoice. If the scope of your brief changes when the production is underway, you will be informed of any additional work (and charges), then you can decide whether to go ahead with that.

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