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Bespoke Videos

Your Unique Vision, Bought to Life


What’s Your Video Production Idea?

There are times when you’ll want something completely unique. With a huge variety of video productions under our belt, if you’re looking for something that doesn’t fit the mould then it’s worth a chat with us.

From nudist spas to financial planners, viral, to recruitment, to landing page videos, bespoke training and more. There is not a lot we haven’t filmed. We’ll listen to what you have in mind and give you a bespoke proposal to explain how you can get the video you want.

Even if there’s no similar examples in our show reel we’re extremely adaptable and confident you won’t be disappointed when we put our hands to creating the video production you have in mind.

1000% better than anything we’ve had done before.

The quality of the videos they produce are second to none, it’s a thousand percent better than anything we’ve ever had done before.

Jez RoseThe Behaviour Expert

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Here’s some examples of our bespoke video productions:

From recruitment, corporate responsibility, step by step information, celeb interviews
or viral videos. Whatever you have in mind we can make it happen.

The Process

3 Simple Steps to Your New Video


The most important step in the process

First of all our video director and project manager will work with you to understand your business, audience and your objectives.

We’ll then work with you to come up with a stellar idea for your video in the style you want. Our team will also give you the value of their experience by giving advice to improve upon your initial ideas.

Your plan will be put together and we’ll start work on piecing your video together with as little hassle and stress as possible.


Video is produced by our expert team

Your idea may mean finding filming locations, actors & actresses, special effects, studios, television extras or even arial drone filming. We’ll handle as much as this as you’d like us to using our contacts.

Then we’ll get to work on filming the content that’s needed to make the best film possible for you.

Using a world class team will help you get the best out of the filming.


Colour, sound and special FX

For final step we’ll piece together the footage, graphics, voiceover and sound tracks to produce the video in the style you wanted.

We use top spec Apple Mac computers and software to edit your footage quickly and professionally.

You’ll get unlimited amendments throughout the editing process so you don’t have to compromise on a video that you’re not 100% happy with.

Why should you work with

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    1. Team of Award Winning Production Specialist:

    Hailing from the broadcast TV world working on primetime shows to winning awards in business filming. We know what we’re doing!

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    2. We're Marketers, Not just Artists:

    We pay close attention to not only what makes you look good, but Marketing & what works to help you attractmore business.

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    3. We're Safe:

    As soon as filming is finished we back up your raw footage. Then we back up the back up. Then another back up is made in the cloud! So you know you’ll never lose your footage and never have to re-film.

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    4. Unlimited Editing Amendments:

    You’ll get as many changes to your video as needed before sign off so you know you’ll get your video exactly as you want it.

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