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Event Filming

Raise Your Status, Add Value & Win Big


Event Filming

Event filming for annual conferences, presentations, exhibitions & more. You’re a business stepping up, showing up and getting your message heard. So why go to all that effort of running an event or presenting at one, to have it all just last for one day?

You see if you’re giving a presentation in front of people, then you should be capturing it on camera.

Not only will on-stage presentation videos sky rocket your credibility when your audience watch you online, you can re-use presentations for future training or even a product in it’s own right.
So you really get the most out of that one day and benefit from it for years to come. Event filming really does give you the best of both worlds.

Here’s just a few things you could do with filming your events:

Film a presentation & use it to:

  • Create an online training product to sell or give to prospects & customers
  • Re-purpose the content for interesting lead bait or opt-in content
  • Add a recorded version of your talks as an upsell for VIP tickets to your event
  • Use as free online social content to attract new prospects

Film your annual conference to:

  • Produce a highlights video to promote future events
  • Interview attendees and get tonnes of testimonials with your customers all in one day.
  • Have an awards video to recognise your most loyal franchisees, team or customers.

High quality bit of marketing

There’s very few times that I’ve worked with a company on something to do with marketing and felt like I didn’t really need to do anything, and the final video would come out as a high quality bit of marketing. There are very few people that I would recommend with more enthusiasm to be honest, and I genuinely do mean that.

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Here’s some examples of our work:

The Process

3 Simple Steps to Your New Video


The most important step in the process

Before filming your event, presentation or talk we’ll have an in depth discussion about the event and really uncover how you can make the most from it. We’ll discuss ways we can propel your status, add value & promote your services in the best way possible.

A plan of action will be made including how many cameras will be needed if we decide a multicam setup is required to make sure we don’t miss a trick. Also we’ll plan a tight schedule for the day so we know exactly where we need to be & when to give you the best coverage of the event possible.


Video is recorder by our expert team

During filming on the day we’ll blend into the background. We’ve often been called Ninja-esque with our stealth filming moves so you can be sure all eyes are on you, not us!

We’ll keep to schedule but also be flexible to your demands on the day and get the job done to the highest of standards.


Colour, sound and special FX

Your finished film will be edited together to show off the best bits of your event, presentation and turned into a huge asset for your business.

Let us turn one day into years of benefit to you & your customers.

Why should you work with

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    1. Team of Award Winning Production Specialist:

    Hailing from the broadcast TV world working on primetime shows to winning awards in business filming. We know what we’re doing!

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    2. We're Marketers, Not just Artists:

    We pay close attention to not only what makes you look good, but Marketing & what works to help you attractmore business.

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    3. We're Safe:

    As soon as filming is finished we back up your raw footage. Then we back up the back up. Then another back up is made in the cloud! So you know you’ll never lose your footage and never have to re-film.

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    4. Unlimited Editing Amendments:

    You’ll get as many changes to your video as needed before sign off so you know you’ll get your video exactly as you want it.

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